Project Approach

Hibernian has a best-of-breed team which has extensive experience in projects of all types, sizes and complexities. It is our experience that in order to promote the development of a successful project the number one priority must be to create a productive working relationship among project team members.  The relationship between team members must be cohesive, with all of the members working toward a common goal.  In addition to Hibernian and our client, the project team typically includes the project architect and engineer, plus any specialty consultants required. The relationship among team members is first developed at the group meetings that begin immediately upon award of the project.


These meetings provide a forum for effective communication to be developed, thereby allowing for proper administrative control of the project. Paper flow is monitored at these meetings and provides the owner and building management firm with information required to control construction operations. In addition to the group and other formal meetings, it has been our experience that a “grass roots” relationship must be developed with building management, the project architect and engineer in order to fully coordinate construction activities with ongoing facility operations.

This communication occurs not only at the formal meetings, but also during informal day-to-day encounters, where the Hibernian project manager interacts daily with the other team members.  That is where team members can most effectively coordinate all phases of logistics, shut downs and the flow of personnel and material through the building.

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